Leaving Saint Paul, Minnesota, Victoria Garcia Kelleher, moved to Los Angeles to follow her passion for acting. In no time, she landed her first guest appearance opposite Jennifer Aniston on the hit NBC show “Friends”. She didn’t stop there, but became an anomaly, booking only the top shows in the industry. She has worked with such powerhouses as Steven Spielberg in “Minority Report", Sally Field in “Brothers & Sisters” and Patricia Heaton on “The Middle".Sometime during all of this, Vikki managed to marry her college sweetheart and have two wonderful children, but she didn’t settle down. She continued to hone her skills through the ever-challenging craft of improvisation at the renowned ImprovOlympic West, as well as remaining committed to exploring her craft through stage work, studying and teaching with her amazing acting teacher Lesly Kahn.Most recently, she worked with Aaron Sorkin on “Newsroom", and shot a Super Bowl commercial for "The Walking Dead". Back Stage West has called her “Adorable”! The L.A. times raved that she’s a “Blissfully comic actor”, and The Beverly Hills Courier stated that she is an “Incredibly talented up and coming actor”.She has been blessed as well with a wonderful commercial career, most recently working with Charles Barkley.

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